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5 ways a hardside suitcase makes summer travel a breeze

It’s that time of the year again. You’re looking forward to taking off, but might be dreading the travel part – particularly if you have kids in tow. Sooner or later, you either have to upgrade your luggage or replace cases that can no longer be used. With so many choices out there, it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider what you actually need.

The right luggage can be a life-saver when travelling. The first question that often hits us is: will everything fit in? But that in fact is not the most important question, as savvy travellers should be thinking what they can leave out of a suitcase, not what they can fit in!

It’s always a good idea to think your journey through. For example, how will you be travelling during the coming holidays: by car, by plane, train or bus – or a combination of all four? This can make a huge difference in your choice. And how long will you be gone?

If you are combining modes of transport, hardside luggage might be the best option. Let’s look at the reasons. Air travel can be a punishing experience for your luggage. So the benefits of hardside luggage obviously lie in its strength. A good set of luggage can survive the rough treatment of being repeatedly loaded and unloaded into aircraft - particularly if you are traveling with any equipment or fragile goods that you want to protect.

  • Lightweight materials

A good set of luggage can survive the rough treatment.

Lightweight materials
Samsonite is known for building hardside cases that totally protect your luggage and – needless to say - resist the worst things that travelling can do to a case. So you get great value from your luggage in the long term.
The other thing about Samsonite cases is that the strength comes from very lightweight materials. Again, if you think you will have to walk with your suitcase or bring it up stairs, you’ll be glad you didn’t choose a heavier one!
You might also want to go for luggage that has a design on it or a specific colour, as they are easier to find at the luggage reclaim of airports! Hands up who has ever tried to find their black suitcase along with 100 others just like it on the luggage belt. There is little chance of that if you travel with the distinctive Cosmolite or Firelite ranges.

Good wheels make life easier
A good set of wheels is also very important. Unless you are travelling door-to-door by car, you will inevitably find yourself pulling your suitcase around at some stage. This could be from a shuttle bus to the hotel, or up and down stairs or through the airport or railway station. A suitcase with wheels makes life easier and mean that you will be able to keep your luggage for longer as they will resist the shocks of being dragged up kerbs or along paving stones and bumpy pavements. But the wheels must be good quality. Not only is a broken wheel inconvenient, if it can’t be replaced you might have to change the whole suitcase!

This brings us to a last thought. Buying luggage from Samonsite has two other advantages: the warranty covers you in the unlikely event something goes wrong; and there are Samonsite dealers almost everywhere you go. So after-sales service is easy to arrange.

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